About Us

For us at Whet That Appetite, touching the palate is the most intimate and honest way of communicating. Appetite is curiosity, it is a desire to know more, to feel more, to awaken your palate. This appetite can be a curiosity for anything but gastronomy is always the binding agent. Whet That Appetite is an easy-to-use and intuitive platform for community building through food, culture, and curiosity. Share your ideas, experiences, and knowledge on all things gastronomy. 

We want to make you curious and build your appetite not to consume but to wonder: Why does my palate respond like this? What pleasure is this and where did this come from? Whose hands touched this? Why did they combine these particular flavours? Would this plant exist if not for that moment in history? 

The way we eat reveals elements of ourselves embedded in our memories, pleasure, and desire to connect; we get to know each through how we eat. If I made you a cake that you loved, one that filled you with a sense of wonder or made you feel at home without knowing the first thing about your tastes, then we are more than acquaintances. 

Whet That Appetite invites people of any description to dive into our conversations on gastronomy with diligence, an open mind, and a willingness to be refuted by another informed participant in Whet That Appetite

Any response to the lure of food is welcome. To contribute to our open discussions you could share a video of how your family makes bread; or how your community developed a signature dish; or a voice recording asking why your cake flopped. 

Whatever you bring here is a seed to grow, it will be germinated and amplified to continue to whet that appetite on all things gastronomy.

Whet That Appetite