Caglar Adnan Yilmaz

Caglar is working on gathering and spreading knowledge on ecology and sustainable living practices. He believes everything that goes into our minds and bodies constitutes our well-being and connection with nature. He wants to contribute to more humane and efficient ways of living through permaculture and eco-building. He studies food, people, and how we relate as a community in order to realise a better understanding of life, strives to discover neglected riches and wisdom of the land. He cherishes diversification before all and aims for a holistic approach to all things life.

Sustainable development and food production with Taner Aksel

Taner Aksel is a writer, civil engineer and teacher who started a self-sufficient farm in the highlands practicing permaculture. His research and teaching focuses on reviving ecological wisdom. After being a civil planning consultant for years, he transformed his knowledge in this field onto ecologically improving communities and he is currently giving lectures on ecological …

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