At the moment, Emma seems to spend most of their time talking with various people about the fruits of their lives, from writing their Grandfather’s memoir to learning about growth, food, and queerness while writing for Whet That Appetite. Emma doesn’t distinguish between art and science but rather thinks they’re two forms of exploration through which we express the emotional and molecular textures of life. Food is a core element in these textures, around which we weave language, histories, geographies, and identities. Theirs is an identity threaded in Namibia, South Africa and, more recently, Britain. They studied Neuroscience and are now venturing over to the Environmental Sciences to work for gender and racial justice in climate sciences and conservation.

Seafood foraging Part I: Lobster

One day, early on in the UK’s version of pandemic lock-down when we were still shocked that we could grow things in our homes amidst that furious uncertainty and loss, I noticed one particular bean shoot began to twist back upon itself. Unfurling towards the neighbours who have more sunflowers in their front garden than …

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Seafood Foraging Part V: Mackerel

The mackerel are not an episode in this story detailing encounters with parts of the sea and the surrounding plat life; the mackerel are here throughout. They embedded themselves, hooks and scales and sharp skeletons and all in my summer in Cornwall. We fry them, bake them, mash them with lemons, cake them in breadcrumbs, …

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Hodmedod’s gifts

You can find our conversation with Nick Saltmarsh under Interviews. This is just a little sample of the bounty he sent us after our lovely chat. Even the packaging nuts are edible, they’re made of oats I think and were really tasty toasted with salt, ground coriander seeds and turmeric.