At the moment, Emma seems to spend most of their time talking with various people about the fruits of their lives, from writing their Grandfather’s memoir to learning about growth, food, and queerness while writing for Whet That Appetite. Emma doesn’t distinguish between art and science but rather thinks they’re two forms of exploration through which we express the emotional and molecular textures of life. Food is a core element in these textures, around which we weave language, histories, geographies, and identities. Theirs is an identity threaded in Namibia, South Africa and, more recently, Britain. They studied Neuroscience and are now venturing over to the Environmental Sciences to work for gender and racial justice in climate sciences and conservation.

Nick Saltmarsh of Hodmedod’s

Consider the legume: a neat, dense curl that holds all it needs to grow inside itself; feeds and regenerates the soil that is its bed; survives on little to no water; and is the heart of Japanese desserts, wild bird feed, and Northern English street food. Hodmedod’s is a British project that aims to bring …

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