Emrecan Ilarslan

Emrecan is an experienced chef and an old urban-planner who focuses on sustainability and permaculture. While working and travelling around the world, he loves to experience the diverse cuisines of different cultures. Always on the search for knowledge, he revels in learning about the food’s history, evolution with geography and effects on communities. He believes a plate created with respect to the products and love for cooking is a great instrument to connect all the people.

Smoothest Hummus & Tips

Some recipes can’t be held within borders. Although they have a starting point in history, these recipes would be loved and embraced by so many different cultures, in time they’ve become world wide celebrities. Just like pasta, french fries and ice cream, these staple foods could be found nearly anywhere on the Globe. Now we …

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Asian Grilled Mackerel

This plate has different elements of diverse Asian cuisine. Japanese style -Saba Shioyaki-grilled mackerel is a famous meal, savored at any time on a day. It is a great dinner plate but a traditional breakfast menu has this staple item too. Combined with grilled fish, steamed rice, an umami rich miso soup, a fresh salad …

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