Nikhil Bendre

Nikhil Bendre is a professional chef with experience in uber fine dining establishments such as Alinea, Chicago, IL (3-Michelin stars). Cooking is a medium for him to express his love for the exploration of cuisines and cultures around the world. As an author for Whet That Appetite, he is delving into his creative inclinations towards writing and exposing himself to the immense knowledge on display on the website.

The Science of Roasting

One can never forget the unctuous aromas that fill the room over Thanksgiving as the beautifully roasted turkey is placed at the center of the table. The crispy skin, juicy and tender meat, and its gorgeous brown hue are all memories one can cherish on a cold rainy day. There are various other such moments …

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Importance of Blanching

It was the winter of 2014 in the Windy City of Chicago. One budding chef had just started his not so glamorous journey towards becoming a professional. 12-hour classes and 2 part-time jobs later, he was able to save up enough money to buy his first ever cookbook. Now, you might be thinking why I …

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