Nikhil Bendre

Nikhil Bendre is a professional chef with experience in uber fine dining establishments such as Alinea, Chicago, IL (3-Michelin stars). Cooking is a medium for him to express his love for the exploration of cuisines and cultures around the world. As an author for Whet That Appetite, he is delving into his creative inclinations towards writing and exposing himself to the immense knowledge on display on the website.

How to Braise Anything

A robust Boeuf bourguignon with the aromas of bacon, mushroom and beef paired with a tannin-rich Cabernet Sauvignon can give any diner a feeling of butterflies in their stomach and opera in their ears. A rich braised lamb shank eaten in the classical setting of dim lights, white tablecloths, and a legion of cutlery can …

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