Honey and Chilli Glazed Carrots



•  200 g baby carrots, washed and peeled
• 2 liters water for blanching
• 20 g cold butter, cut into 1-inch cubes
• 5 g honey
• 3 g red chili flakes
• Salt to taste
• 5 ml vegetable oil
• 3 g parsley, finely chopped


• The first step of this recipe is to read up on the “Importance of Blanching” short read and to understand the various concepts that have been explained in it.
• Grab your big pot, add the water and about 30 g salt and set it on a high flame. You are looking for a rolling boil.
• Set up the ice bath (equal parts water and ice) and place it on the counter next to the stove.
• Add the peeled carrots and partially cook them for about 3 to 4 minutes. We do not want to completely cook the carrots as we will be roasting and glazing them in further steps.
• Strain the carrots and dunk them into the ice bath to “shock” them. This will stop the cooking process and you will be able to finish cooking the carrots as per your convenience.
• When you are ready, place a pan or skillet on medium-high flame and add the oil.
• Add the carrots and start roasting them. You are looking to achieve a golden-brown color on the carrots.
• This is where blanching the carrots proves immensely helpful as partially cooking them speeds up the roasting process and keeps the texture and flavor intact.
• Once well roasted, add a few drops of water, honey and the chili flakes. Coat the carrots well in this mixture.
• You will start to see the honey bubbling. At this point, turn off the heat and start adding the cubes of cold butter one by one. We are trying to create an emulsification between the honey and the butter.
• If you try to do this step on the heat, the butter will get too hot and will split.
• Once the butter is well emulsified, add salt to taste and parsley. Serve the delicious glazed carrots with any roasted poultry or steak.

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