Yucca Berries Fish

Hello guys, what are you up to? In this recipe I will introduce you the Yucca Berries Fish, recipe that I made for Mother’s Day at my last job in Brazil. It’s basically yucca, tilapia (white fish) and an amazing berry sauce. I will teach you how to make a flavourful vegetable broth and how to clarify butter. Let’s get it started

Vegetable broth


25g Clarified butter
3 Carrots
2 Onions
1 Stalk of celery with the leaves

⦁ Peel and chop the vegetables

⦁ Put clarified butter into a sauce pan and gild the vegetables until the water comes out

⦁ Let it simmer with the lid on for 5 minutes

⦁ Fill the pan up with hot water and let it cook for at least 30 minutes

*Avoid boiling water, control the heat

Clarified butter

500g unsalted butter

⦁ Into a pan you add the butter and melt it until you see a white spume (fat) coming to the top
⦁ Turn it off and then scoop out the white layer on the top as much as you can
⦁ Rest it in the fridge
*You can keep it in the fridge as a normal butter, but this one has a higher capacity to handle high temperatures

Berries sauce
100ml Vegetable broth
100g Strawberry
100g Blueberry
100g mango
½ Lime
15g clarified butter

⦁ In a sauce pan add the broth and let it simmer until it’s hot
⦁ Chop the berries and mango
⦁ Bring them into the pan and cook it slowly
⦁ Control the heat and let it cook until it’s soft
⦁ Start to smash it with your spatula
⦁ By this time, it should be thicker and together
⦁ Once it’s done you have to blend it to get a homogeneous texture
⦁ Bring it back to the same pan and heat it up to serve with the fish
⦁ Turn the heat off and add the butter for brightness
⦁ Season it with a pinch of salt and ½ lime juice

*it should have a balanced taste of bitter, sweet and little salty at the end


300g Cassava/Yucca/Manioc
(3 beautiful pieces)
25g clarified butter

⦁ Peel the yucca and wash it in cold water
⦁ Bring it into a pressure pan
⦁ Add water until the yucca is covered
⦁ Heat it up until the water is boiling
⦁ Then close it and lower the heat to medium
⦁ Count 10 minutes once it gets pressure
⦁ Turn the heat off and let the pressure goes
⦁ Open the pan and cool it in a cold bain-marie * you don’t want to overcook it

A la minute

⦁ In a hot skillet add your clarified butter and brown all sides of your yucca

Yucca is a very famous native root from Brazil, you can make countless recipes and products with this only ingredient.




250g Tilapia or any white lean fish (Fillet)
10ml/15g Olive oil + clarified butter
10g Flour (to bread it)
Q.b Salt
Q.b Grounded black pepper

⦁ First you get the fish from the fridge and soak it up with a paper towel
⦁ Add olive butter in a large skillet, heat it up and observe the heat it’s fish
⦁ “Bread” the fish with the flour and pan sear it to get a golden brown colour both sides
⦁ Reserve it in the oven (80C) to keep the temperature


For plating

A bunch of edibles flowers, such as, beet leaves, bean sprouts and baby arugula

⦁ On the bottom, you put the yucca
⦁ Over it you place the fish across the yucca and then pour the berries sauce
⦁ Finalize it with your edibles flowers and “Voila”


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