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What We Do

Our aim is to entice – “Whet” people’s curiosity about the food they eat

Bringing people together
to whet their appetite.

Our aim is to entice – “Whet” people’s curiosity about the food they eat – and we do that by showcasing to people the several different aspects of food in its past, present, and future. We explore the subjects pertaining to, but not limited to, sustainability, food science, the future of food, different cultures and the origins of food, thus building a platform for the community. 

Literally and figuratively what we eat pushes us forward. While eating may seem like an automatic function, we invite you to examine what goes on down below the surface level. Appetite is our gastro-currency in curiosity, it translates into a desire to know more, to feel more, to awaken your palate.

This appetite can be a curiosity for anything but gastronomy is always the binding agent. We want to make you curious through building your appetite; an appetite geared not to just consume but also to wonder: Why does my palate respond like this? 

What pleasure is this and where did this come from? Why did they combine these particular flavours? Would this plant exist if not for that moment in history?  Whose hands touched this, how did this dish land on your plate? How much time and effort of how many people went into the making of things we so delightfully consume?

Providing sustenance is a joint effort. We want to make the intricate yet invisible mechanisms that deliver our food come into the forefront of our consumption. We want to be your point of contact to informed decisions about what we bring on our plates and into our bodies. We want to unveil the interconnectedness of our food networks.

The best part about a food journey is that it is the single most communal journey we can embark on. At WTA we strive to harness this collective power. By building local and global communities we aim to build unmediated relationships between different communities, ideas and people that gather around food.

Where We Work

49,000 people, in nearly 150 countries

Distance doesn’t diminish our love.

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