Whet That Appetite

No-Egg Mushroom Omelette

The first name that comes to mind when thinking of a classic French Omelet is the undisputed: Jacques Pépin. With the Nomelet presented to us

No-Egg Turkish French Toast

Eggy bread, which is indispensable for Sunday breakfasts all over Turkey, does not contain a “topping”. This recipe, which is a perfect example of zero-waste

No-Egg Hollandaise Sauce

With Nomelet’s egg yolk mimicking a silky and soft texture, we can make a quick and fool-proof vegan substitute for Hollandaise! Psyllium husk powder

Banana Carrot Cake

This recipe is great to make use of the “almost spoiled” bananas that are brownish to black. As they are more sugary, the amount of

Pasta a la Jade

Milan is where the gremolata came from, which is parsley, garlic, lemon and lime zest (a very fresh final), & Tuscany inspired me to use

Sinner’s Pasta Carbonara

Ok, I confess that I’ve sinned! Putting parsley on top and not using Spaghetti for Carbonara is a blasphemy for my Italian Chef. But I

Asian-Style Grilled Mackerel

If you’ve ever had the good fortune of getting your hands on a classical European or French cookbook with pictures of the kitchen and their