WTA Arcade

Remember those childhood times when you would run to the arcade to play PacMan every chance you got? We remember it very distinctly and we want to bring to you a blend of those childhood memories, our love for everything Culinagronomy, and lots of good food with a modern twist!

Presenting the Whet That Appetite Arcade : An immersive and exciting day of games that are centered around food and a day guaranteed to bring out the child in you. A whole day dedicated to various games about food, cultures, and concepts from all around the world! It’s a perfect day to spend with family and friends, where everyone can find something for themselves. After all, it’s games and food!

The concept is fairly simple: Play the games to win WTA tokens, and redeem the tokens for sponsored goods or drinks at the venue.

The guests will buy coins when they enter and have the ability to buy more as they play in the arcade.

How do you win games? Well, each game has different rules and our game masters will walk the guests through the rules of each game as they get to the counters!

We will offer “fun for all” types of games such as ‘soup scrabble’ and ‘super taster’. On the other side, we provide educational games such as ‘match the ingredients with the regions’,

‘guess the ingredients’ in our very own custom-made WTA beverages, and ‘food trivia’

questions. We also offer games that help in team-building such as a ‘cook off’ in the kitchen,

‘create your own drink’, a ‘murder mystery cocktail game’, and ‘solve the plate’. Accompanying the games, live music, and a food truck will serve you the best dishes all day!

Here is a quick look into the Games that will be offered at the WTA Arcade

1- Soup scrabble

Soup with lettered pasta is shared equally among contestants, and every letter has a numerical value, just like in Scrabble. The contestants need to use a wooden spoon to fish out letters from the soup, create words with the letters, and aim for the highest point.

2- Overcooked

A PS4-5 couch co-op game where you and your partner are two chefs in a kitchen. The aim is to serve the tickets coming in with speed and precision. You have to put out fires and beat different challenges in the kitchen while you’re trying to push dishes out. You prep, cook, clean, etc. – just like in a real kitchen!

3- Match the ingredients with their regions

Guests will receive a stack of cards of worldly ingredients and they have to match that ingredient with the place of origin for that ingredient, but they also have to pinpoint it on the world map – all needs to happen within 30 seconds.

4- Guess the ingredients (WTA drink)

From a 250 ml bottled drink, guests try to guess the ingredients: guess the majority of ingredients from your cards – 3 ingredients: 1 token; 6 ingredients 2 tokens; All ingredients: You get a 6-pack to take home.

5- Create your own drink

Choose your flavorings and create your own custom drink.

6- Supertaster

A game where people can test their palate and tasting ability through a tasting kit.

7- Food Trivia

Foodie Fight Rematch: A Trivia Game for Serious Food Lovers

8- A Culinary Murder Mystery

With a maximum of 3 people, the group gets a menu that presents the story and the

suspects as well as the drinks menu. Every drink they order will bring them another clue (not necessarily in order). They have to solve the mystery to win a prize at the end. The clues will come in different forms, e.g. a letter, a book cover; and they will be served with each drink.

9- Best Foodies/ Do you know their palate?

Bring your bestie/partner/GF_BF/Parents, and try to answer questions regarding their choice of taste. Do they like bitter or milk chocolate? Do they prefer still or sparkling water? Starting from simple questions, and building up to more difficult ones. Every time you know the answer, you get a point.

10- Solve the plate

Guests have the single ingredients of a well-known dish coming to them one at a time as clues. The trick is to guess the dish before the last main ingredient comes in.

11- Cook-off

Forming two teams of 3; a member from each group gets to choose the ingredients for the other team in 2 minutes. The teams cook with the chosen ingredients in 30 minutes. The jury picks the winner.


●   Only one stove top (preferably induction)

●   Need to use 5 ingredients minimum

●   Need to wear safety gloves when using a knife.

●   Listen to your kitchen supervisor at all times

12- Blind Tastings

Guests are blindfolded and are given foods to taste. They guess what they have eaten; with every successful attempt, they get a token.

This game can have 2 versions:

●    Guests will be blindfolded and will have to taste a dish/ingredient and guess what they are eating.

●    Guests will be blindfolded and will have music blasting in their ears, and just have to use their sense of touch to guess an ingredient.

13- Culinary Heads Up

Guests will have cards of ingredients, dishes, etc. held on their forehead, just like the widely popular game, Heads Up. Other participants will give hints about the card that is held up and the person holding the card has to recognize it! You only get 10 seconds!

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