In these times of isolation we invite you to a communal experience of imagination and reality. Our virtual tours will be carefully cultivated by our contributors and chefs who will craftily awaken your senses through tours of places you’ve never seen before. Maybe even places you wouldn’t have normally thought of but places that are hard to resist once they’re at the tip of your fingers…

Locals that you wouldn’t meet on a “package tour” will take you not only to fancy restaurants but also to well kept secret bazaars, tradesman’s restaurants, cooperatives and many more. Let it be a tour of a vineyard in Switzerland, almond harvest in Turkey, watching Coxinha makers in Brazil… We have contributors originating from many different locations who are ready to bring the experience to your doorstep.

Don’t let COVID 19 stand between us and respond to the call of your adventure seeking spirit. Join us on this medium till we can make these tours in person. We are together always, through our mutual love of all things gastronomic, which is what WTA strives to ignite, grow and sustain.

Hopefully, we will see you in the next harvest with your feet in the grapes or our next baklava session with flour on the tip of your nose but until then, come join us virtually and we will make delightful memories across cultures.

Currently the tours are planned as once-a-month events so book in advance to join the excitement.