Our Mission

We’re here to Whet That Appetite!

Let’s get curious!

Commonality of food resists any debate.This gives gastronomy an incredible driving force, can you name anything else so universally binding?  We cannot. 


At WTA we are determined to harness this force to bring us closer than ever, and to do that we first invite you to be curious! Curiosity is what kickstarts all exciting journeys. No more eating on autopilot, we invite you to wonder what goes down below the surface level.


No question irrelevant,
No idea too small,
No approach invalid! 

Let’s serve your cause.

No question irrelevant,
No idea too small,
No approach invalid! 

Let’s serve your cause.

What are the hot topics?

Browsing through the blog posts you will encounter some of the topics listed below. Can’t find your niche? Drop us a line, lets create together.


…cooking techniques…plating…ideation…plate composition…creation…food science…nutrition…recipes…resilience…food labels…food value chains…gastro diplomacy…


…culture…travels of food…migration…community gardens…land conflict…cultural adaptations of food…women empowerment…cultural acceptance…food for all…


…biodiversity…sustainable living…nature preservation…habitat change…resource conservation…waste management…upcycling…tackling food waste…nature…

Why and how?

Gastronomy as a universally binding glue can help us build a community of the future regardless of race, gender or location. At WTA we aim to produce solutions that work from the ground up. Most of us today, feel discouraged in the face of the complexity of the issues surrounding our environment and people. Overwhelmed, we don’t know where to begin and retreat back to our corners. Yet those corners are not that far apart if we view our globe as one big kitchen table, and food as the very engine that makes the whole thing go round. By taking control of how we consume something as crucial as food, we can be reminded that we are all significant, and our choices matter.
Join us, be heard and be seen.
Food is where it all starts.

Start the journey here.

Bring your own spoon!

Curiosity is our gastro currency here. Dig into what others bring through recipes, interviews and projects. Join the talk and feed the belly.

Bring an ingredient!

This could be anything from writing your own stories and recipes to asking your own questions. Introduce the things that matter to you, let your love and ideas simmer into a beautiful broth to cook with others.

Bring a whole dish to share!

Working on a food project? We want to help you stand out. Share your work on our platform to find online/offline support. WTA is where your dish nourishes communities.

From Our Community.

Individual Donations

Save children’s lives and help end hunger.

After decades of decline, hunger rates are growing. The devastating effects of COVID-19, extreme weather, and conflict are pushing millions of children and families to the brink.Researchers say child mortality could rise for the first time in 60 years.
We must act now before it’s too late.

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