Ali Yalcin

Born and raised in the diverse food culture of Istanbul and Turkey, I've always been passionate about food and fascinated by the process of cooking. This passion at some point made me give up my corporate career and I've moved to London in my mid 20s, to study culinary arts in Le Cordon Bleu and ever since I've been cooking here. During my time in London, I've also went on to specialise on Mediterranean cuisine and became an Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sommelier. I love reading and learning about food culture and am always looking to expand my horizons on gastronomy.

Finding EVOO

Let’s be frank, getting your hands on a premium quality extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is not easy and when compared to the other widely available options, it’s expensive. Refined olive oils, virgin olive oils and many other types clutter the supermarket shelves hiding their deficiencies behind marketing catch phrases and reputable (!) brand labels.  …

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The Extra Mile

If you are one of the lucky people on Earth who had the chance to grow up in one of the countries in the Mediterranean basin, the odds are you or someone you know has an olive oil guy. Sometimes that person is one of your relatives or sometimes it’s a friend of a friend …

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